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Another Perfectly Imperfect Beautiful Naked Creation


Naked 02:24
Extraordinary Lyrics Chorus I wish I was a superhero So I can save the innocent and bring peace to the world But I don’t got no super powers So I just do my best to teach every boy and girl I wish I was a superhero So I could fight evil and lock the badk guys away But I don’t got no superpowers So I lead by example- make the world a better place Every where I look- people idolize the villain Because crooks make a killing and it looks appealing To be bad, illing acting like the world is theirs Clowns with frowns evil stares perpetrating fear I never cared to make you scared I’d rather make you love I’d rather build and open minds and share sincere hugs Its not easy being good in a world so foul There’s a few punks I’d love to punch in the mouth But I embrace peace and do my best to keep the streets clean and safe And make the world a better place Each and every one of us has a part to play And I see a better way so I seize the day Salute the hero, the every man everywhere working hard taking stands Lending helping hands developing cures farming land teaching kids Reaching out to people less fortunate and giving all they got to give Living for a better life sacrificing for whats right They don’t need any powers to radiate a little light So lets celebrate the beauty ordinary brings Cause ordinary people do extraordinary things
Take a Look Around My wife and I just had our first child Then I blinked and he turned 5 I blinked again n we got another Now we raising two loving brothers Life is speeding by it’s really wild But I gotta smile ear to ear Cause I get to share every moment with a pair Of souls filled with hope and cheer And it’s so beautiful I just wish we’d all slow our pace Put the phones down and look each other in the face I’m not one to be late or waste time But you only get one life with no chance to rewind N everybody’s in such a hurry Like they wanna skip to the end of their story I wanna enjoy my journey and be my best Spread love, n See the world free from the stress HOOK Ya gotta slow down and look around See the colors and hear the sounds Share a smile and give a hug Bathe in the sun and spread love. Verse 2 I try to always drive the speed limit I got precious cargo in the back We all sing along to Print’s lyrics Cause we don’t listen to nuttin’ wack But everybody speeding by like the flash on the way to fight a villain Talking on their phones unaware like they don’t care if they get in a car accident and kill innocent children It’s so crazy Sometimes we forget to take a breath obsessed with what’s next when we should focus on the present cause we’re all blessed that’s why I spend so much time with my little birdies chilling in our fresh nest Playing legos and reading books or out back in the garden planting seeds I want these moments to last forever because the truth is they’re all I need
Crazy Life Verse 1 I Lived a life of depression always second guessing pretending I’m the best when I always felt less n stressing every day a struggle to get out of bed Trapped in my own head, a blessing that I ain’t dead Living in the red working for the green Feeling like a fiend searching for a dream Chemically imbalanced Possibly Mentally ill Had to find strength in my soul to rebuild Had a pain in my heart so deep An emptiness that couldn’t be filled it’s hard to speak Determined to defeat the negativity (living) within Found love fought for it cause I new I deserved to win And I wanna create and give something back I wanna love and live life and laugh I wanna help my people n do right No matter the sacrifice living this crazy life Verse 2 I made the change and rearranged my attitude Stopped dwelling on my failures found gratitude Gave thanks for all I’ve seen and done Throughout my life and promised (myself) there’s more to come And when I work I work smarter and harder So I can be a better artist husband and father Author and gardner musician and scholar Exercise my mind and body to be stronger So I can live longer and do more Experience the world and all it has in store Cause it’s a beautiful life despite it all Even when I make mistakes and slip and fall I get (back)up n fight no matter the obstacle I feel unstoppable it’s so phenomenal Nothing’s impossible I’ma take flight And reach new heights in this crazy life Verse 3 Now I gotta 4 year old keeping me on my toes And his little brother watching us both as he grows So I gotta be a role model to both and show The pros and cons of life and all I know So I’m constantly learning and expanding my mind Trying to find a balance on my journey and climb Higher than I ever been despite my fears So I can persevere through the pain and tears And cherish every moment with my wife and my Children Proud of our future and all that we’re building A home filled with love n laughter Science, art and music all that matters Improving how we’re living eating healthy and right Raising our boys with peace & love so they’re kind and polite But Giving em both the strength and knowledge to (protect and) fight For truth and justice in this crazy life Hook I’m a never give in I’m a never gonna give up I’m always gonna-do whats right I’m a fight till the end and my lights go out Cause I love this crazy life


released January 14, 2019

Lyrics Written, Produced and Performed by Adam Wallenta
Music Written, Produced and Mixed by ICBM


all rights reserved




ILLUS is an independent HIPHOP artist and professional illustrator who makes positive, uplifting, thought-provoking, boom-bap HIPHOP for the people.

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