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Behind the Mask


A Love Story 00:35
Affluenza 04:09
Spiderman 00:24
The Promise 00:31
Smash 04:13
Say Less 03:41
music merch edit navigation bar Say Less by ILLUS Say Less cover art Wishlist supported by Smudge thumbnail 00:00 / 03:49 Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. $1 USD or more lyrics Verse 1 Say less, say more, say no more Unless ya gonna say ‘suntin that’s worth fighting for I got your back if you ain’t fronting I’ll be right by your side kicking down the door I hate war, hate violence hate the hate that makes me hate I never been silent when it’s time to debate You can’t silence the truth so I seek it out beyond the clouds Never harvesting the seeds of doubt I got faith so I never need religion I make my own fate and I’ll face it grinning Never fake when I’m spitting I’m in it to the last inning And I’ll embrace my ending To return winning To the beginning Living for love Loving this feeling I’m getting from the hugs my wife and son be giving Never quitting I work hard and work smart Hardly the hardest but always finish what I start Verse 2 Ain’t made a fortune yet Still very fortunate Can’t ever forget Still take forward steps Remember where I’m from Happy where I am A beautiful wife, happy healthy son I want what’s best for him But I don’t hum no hymn I try to do what’s right but not without sin Trust in my heart relinquish fear so You can play the villain I’d rather be a hero Defender of the weak never retreat Life’s a contest of champions you can’t defeat Even if I lose a battle every now and then I keep my head up and keep fighting till the very end Never bend or buckle scars and bloody knuckles Life’s too serious you gotta learn to laugh and chuckle We need to smile more so I try and share You can call me soft, square or queer I don’t care Verse 3 I work harder than the hardest hard Watch me sweat I got a garden in the backyard watch your step I plant seeds feed fam breath life love true Give you everything I got when I do what I do I’m early to rise gotta get that worm And I’m up all night till the candle done burn I earned what I got but I’ma still give more But don’t try and take what you know aint yours Cause I’ll fight for mine till the end of time This is my life on the line not just another rhyme So when I speak to the beat it’s my heart that pounds And you can feel my love for this art that’s unbound I’m underground outerspace futuristic old school I bring the thunder like Thor and Beta Ray do More than meets the eye wonderfully free A marvelous one of a kind original me credits released 10 October 2013 Produced by ICBM. Co-Produced and Mixed by DJ Johnny Juice. Written and performed by Illus.
Wake Up 04:15
Unstoppable 05:46
Freedom 03:44
Read 00:35
R.I.F. 04:11
Plan B 03:33


released September 5, 2014


all rights reserved




ILLUS is an independent HIPHOP artist and professional illustrator who makes positive, uplifting, thought-provoking, boom-bap HIPHOP for the people.

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