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Make Some Noize (ICBM Remix)




"Make Some Noize" was originally produced by J.J. Brown and released on the "For Adam" lp by ILLUS. This special remix was produced by ICBM and is featured on the limited edition "Who's ILLUS?" vinyl 12 inch available at adamwallenta.com/store/


Make Some Noize

Written By Adam ILLUS Wallenta

Verse 1

I fell in love with HipHop for the rhymes
Lyrics designed to uplift and expand the mind
Lines of poetry flowing free combined
With graffiti and beats from the streets with each line
Freedom believing seeing and dreaming
Needing nothing but the rhythm giving
A feeling where living in changing times
I remember when the masses called it crap
Said it wasn’t music and laughed it would never last
Time past and we’re larger than ever
Some went pop and some are underground forever
Some had a shot but could never make it hot
Others felt the flame and burnt out and just stopped
I rock for me- the one and only I’m the greatest
Me you ‘ll ever see, some love it and some hate it
But I never fake this- I’m true to my love
True to myself, true to the soul true to the one
Art that embodies the rebel and the cause
The devil and the gods the anarchy and laws
Stand with me applause
If you love HipHop
Salute and make noise ya’ll

Verse 2

I’m not a one-dimensional image or a brand
I’m an artist a husband a son and man
Who keeps evolving and growing
You can’t put me in a box and sell me you don’t own me
I keep hoping for peace and working for change
Giving you a piece of my heart through each stage
Of my life I write to release and excite educate and fight
Elevate and light the mic like I was a pyro-kinetic
You’ll need a medic for the burns I reflect when I set it
I don’t sweat it I wreck it and always give my best
And my wife’s thinks I’m awesome so I don’t stress
I care less what you think I don’t do this for you
I don’t rep for no label don’t roll with no crew
I got a family and all I need is love
And you can trust when I bust like a slug to the heart
I start it up stars erupt some say I’m not hard enough
I don’t think you’re smart enough
I’m the rap Jack Kirby and ain’t nothing you can do to hurt me
You’re unworthy I’ve been dead like Clark Kent and Boston Brand
And came back even better with mic in my hand
I stand defiant defying all odds
Defined by a nation of gods
Never quiet I rock hard
Take charge celebrate life
Live right make art rock mics
Bring light to darkness and spark this beat in a void
Of silence, enlighten the weak and make noize

Verse 3

I’m HipHop ya don’t stop the body rock
This is life not a hobby and I got it locked
I bring the noise for b-boys and b-girls
And destroy toys with each word I employ
Worldwide international intergalactic
Zulu universal
I live love
Breath life grow seeds
Free minds write rhymes rock beats
Never selling out
I work hard cause life’s complicated
I’m dominating bombing the nation with my creations
I’m elevating to another level with each breath
Assassinating the devil and celebrating his death
I’m peace love unity and having fun
I’m no slave to drugs I don’t pack guns
I don’t pretend to be anything but me
Unstoppable don’t try and budge me
Just hate me or love me –n- stay outta my way
Unless your down for the fight when it gets ugly
It’s never easy being the good guy
They wanna tear you down no matter your sacrifice
I’d rather be the hero than the villain
Even if it ain’t cool and I never make a killing
Building and creating illustrating and breaking down walls
So raise your fists in peace and feel the love and make some noise


Written by Adam ILLUS Wallenta
Produced by ICBM


all rights reserved




ILLUS is an independent HIPHOP artist and professional illustrator who makes positive, uplifting, thought-provoking, boom-bap HIPHOP for the people.

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